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  • Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer


    A safe alternative to latex resistance tubes without compromising performance. The protection sleeve virtually removes the risks associated with latex tube failure and also extends the life of the latex tube. Includes resistance training and usage guide with 19 key resistance exercises. Also includes a door attachment that enables you to turn the Resistance Trainer into a virtual gym. Maximum tube stretch: 4 x original length.

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  • Fitness-Mad Pro Suspension Trainer


    A portable lightweight training system that allows you to workout anytime, anywhere be it from a door frame, wall anchor or a tree! Use your own body weight as resistance and strengthen the whole body, whilst building muscle and burning unwanted fat. Independently load tested to over 1000lb (450kgs). High strength polyester webbing with industrial bartack stitching. Unique steel T-fastener buckles allow for quick strap adjustment to suit users of all sizes and abilities. Quality ABS hand grips with integrated foot cradles allow ground-based exercises. Maximum user weight: 125kgs. Includes mesh carry bag.

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  • Resistance Tube With User Guide


    High quality safety resistance tubing with comfortable integral foam covered handles. A safe alternative to latex; multi-stranded rubber core with a protective nylon sleeve prevents the possibility of sudden tube failure. Includes user guide with 10 key resistance exercises. Maximum tube stretch: 3 x original length. Length: 1.3m.

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  • UFE Fabric Resistance Band 1m x 5cm


    Features a latex-free construction and soft comfort grip handles. A versatile piece of equipment that can assist in strengthening multiple muscle groups with a plethora of exercises for both upper and lower body. Material: rubber and cotton. Phthalate-free

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  • UFE Multi Function Resistance Tube


    Great for upper and lower body exercising. The resistance tube position can be easily changed to allow different exercises. The pack includes two door attachments turning your resistance tube into a gym trainer.

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  • UFE Multi Gym Trainer

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    The lightweight construction enables you to enjoy body weight training almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Increases fl exibility, core stability and strength. Maximum recommended weight: 125kg, subject to anchorage point.

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  • UFE Resistance Band Loop (Set of 5) 10 Inch


    Suitable for all fitness levels, with each band having a different resistance level. Ideal for yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises, fitness programs and can also be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. 100% natural latex. Set of five.

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  • UFE Resistance Band Loop 12 Inch


    UFE Resistance Loop Bands are suitable for all fitness levels, being ideal for yoga, Pilates, stretching exercises, fitness programs and can also be used for physical therapy and rehabilitation. 100% Natural Latex, ideal to have with you at any time.

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  • Yoga-Mad Figure Eight Resistance Band


    Doesn’t require the same length as a traditional band due to the figure eight’ construction. Features soft foam handles that provide an easier and more comfortable grip, as well as helping to protect the band. Perfect for toning, strengthening and rehabilitation as well as being great for home workouts or when you’re on the move. Can be used for both upper and lower body workouts. Warning: these bands are latex. Do not use if allergic.

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