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  • Fitness Mad Atom Massage Stick


    The atom nodules massage your muscles for optimum trigger point release as well as helping to stimulate circulation. The ergonomic handles make self massage easy so you can adjust the pressure accordingly. Lightweight and portable design, pack it into your gym bag for on-the-go massage or use as part of a rehab programme.

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  • Fitness Mad Foot Massage Roller


    Fitness-Mad’s foot roller helps to relieve foot, heel and plantar fasciitis pain. Ease tight and tired muscles of the feet before or after exercise.

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  • Fitness Mad Kettlebell


    Working with kettlebells increases strength, endurance, agility and balance. Whether you want to burn fat, develop your cardio fitness or increase your strength it can all be done with a kettlebell. Oversize powder coated handle provides excellent grip whilst allowing for full and fluid motion. Base is colour coded and covered with a heavy-duty vinyl. Guide to weight selection: Women new to strength training should start with 4kg. Fit women (excluding athletes) from 8-12kg. Men new to strength training should start with 8-12kg. Fit males used to strength training should start with 12kg.

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  • Fitness Mad Massage Ball


    These small spikey massage balls are used to release tight, uncomfortable muscles and can help to release toxins and improve circulation. Available in two sizes: 7cm or 9cm. The balls are often used in pairs but sold singly.

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  • Fitness Mad Mini Massage Roller


    Relieves tight muscles and targets fascia management. Portable and easy to use. Perfect for before and after exercise. ABS tube with EVA foam padding.

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  • Fitness Mad Pro Stretch Tri-Fold Aerobic Mat


    Convenient 490ml screw top water bottle with contoured hand grips and removable hygiene cover over the mouthpiece. Made of squeezable LDPE. BPA-free

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  • Fitness Mad Push-Up Stands Iron Pair


    The ergonomically angled handles help develop muscles in the arms, shoulders and chest and reduce stress on wrists and forearms. Polypropylene handles with robust TPE rubber on the tops for extra grip and stability. Anti-slip feet. Lightweight and easily transportable.

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  • Fitness Mad Roller


    Rollers are used to enhance balance, body awareness, muscle re-education and muscular flexibility and provide dynamic strengthening. Originally used to relieve muscular tension along the spine, hips, neck and shoulders, rollers are now widely used in Pilates and physiotherapy to help to develop core stability through a range of exercises. Can be used in conjunction with resistance bands and Swiss balls. Made from lightweight LDPE. Available in two sizes.

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  • Fitness Mad Safety Resistance Trainer


    A safe alternative to latex resistance tubes without compromising performance. The protection sleeve virtually removes the risks associated with latex tube failure and also extends the life of the latex tube. Includes resistance training and usage guide with 19 key resistance exercises. Also includes a door attachment that enables you to turn the Resistance Trainer into a virtual gym. Maximum tube stretch: 4 x original length.

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  • Fitness Mad Spikey Massage Ball (Set of 3)


    Fitness-Mad’s set of 3 spikey massage trigger balls are perfect for self-massage. Use to help release muscle tension which can also help to release toxins and improve circulation.

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  • Fitness Mad Tread Roller


    This foam roller is ideal for muscle massage and self myofascial release for tight muscles, before or after exercise, or even if you wish to roll your muscles out after a long day on standing or sitting. Made from strong tubing to prevent deformation whilst rolling with a moulded EVA tread pattern. Available in Green or Black.

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  • Fitness Mad Trigger Point Massage Ball Set


    Set of massage balls in three diff erent hardnesses for acupressure massage and trigger point release. Use in conjunction with a foam roller for the best results. Grey: soft, green: medium, blue: hard.

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  • Fitness Mad Ultra Speed Rope Adjustable


    Ultra Speed Rope is fast, tangle-proof, and intelligently designed with a metal bearing, smooth-turning system to never slow you down. Ideal for CrossFit, Double Unders, HIIT, Cardio, MMA, and Boxing training for boosting speed, agility, and co-ordination.

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  • Fitness Mad Wave Hula Hoop


    Hula hooping is great exercise and will help to naturally firm and tone the waist and abdomen. Rapid, easy assemble six-piece design for convenience in transport and storage with soft NBR foam padding for improved comfort. The 1.5 and 2kg hoops have a wave design on the inside which helps to keep the hoop on the body whilst exercising. Approximately 100cm diameter.

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  • Fitness-Mad 40cm Adjustable Wobble Board


    A great way to improve balance, increase core strength and improve your range of movements. Angle can be adjusted from 19 to 23 degrees by unscrewing the rocker, allowing you to progressively improve your balance.

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